Metal Coating

The painting of metals (coating) is a process used in many fields of the industrial production. This fundamental step of finishing has two very important purposes: the aesthetic characterization of the products and a functional improvement as resistance to the external agents (long lasting factor).

Biquadro offers two types of coating: powder coating and liquid coating.

Powder coating is coating process of metal surfaces with an organic film, made for decorative purposes and/or protection against corrosion and aggressive agents. With the powder coating (also called lamination) it is possible to achieve excellent mechanical and aesthetic performances, even if the glossy effect is not the same of the liquid coating.

With the liquid coating is possible to create many visual and tactile effects thanks to the physical and chemical properties of the paint. The liquid coating gives a special finish to the object protecting the surface with an anti-corrosive layer resistant to chemicals such as detergents and lubricants. The liquid coating allows to reproduce the widest shades of colors.

Biquadro is focused also on the needs from fields that requires special aesthetic finishes and high level technical standars. Biquadro is able to satisfy the requirements from several fields like furnishing, lighting, automotive, hi-tech and many others.